Massage Course

Ayurveda Massage Course

Duration of course-  5 days

Duration of Class -  2 hrs each day


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Theory Session:

1.            Introduction to Ayurveda

2.            Description of the Tridoshas

3.            What is Abhyanga (massage)

4.            Benefits of Massage

5.            Contra- indications of Massage

6.            Oils for massage of Infants

7.            Oils for massage for Adults

8.            Oils for Special conditions

Practical Session:             

1.            Head massage

2.            Face massage

o             Forehead massage

o             Eye massage

o             Nose massage

o             Cheeks massage

o             Lip and chin massage

o             Ear massage

3.            Neck massage

4.            Back massage

5.            Abdomen massage

6.            Arm massage

7.            Leg massage

8.            Foot massage

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