Back Bending Classes

Back Bending

Taking care of your spine is a key part of practicing yoga. A stiff spine is not only uncomfortable, but it can also be the cause or symptom of many other troubles in your body.
There’s a saying in yoga: You’re as young as your spine is flexible.
Practicing yoga can create suppleness and ease that will aid in all of your movements in everyday life, and perhaps even keep you young!

Back Bending
Tutor: Rudresh
Time: 3.30 pm

Sunday Holiday

Shivayogi Rudersh is from Kadur town  he is been practising yoga regularly since he was 8 years old under guidance of his GURU Sri Shivakumarand Naveenkumar in Ashtanga yoga
He is teaching from 2 years in  Mysore.

Below some of his Achievements in yoga

  1. He has secured first place in NATIONAL  & INTERNATIONAL LEVEL YOGA competitions in variours parts of India