Our Pure Veg Cafe

The Mandala Cafe provides a variety of western vegetarian as well as daily special local dishes. In the kitchen we exercise great care in order to maintain western standards of hygiene. Salads are made fresh daily using fare such as carrots, beets, cucumber, bean sprouts and hummus. The breakfast menu includes fresh organic courg coffee, omelets, toast with homemade marmalade and muesli. The lunch items such as Cornish pasties, bolognaise and a variety of vegetable stews are served with brown rice or cracked wheat. Each day there is a new soup, such as carrot coriander,. tomato butter bean, mixed vegetables, lentil, etc.

The garden setting makes the cafe a comfortable setting to sit and read in the shade, to meet friends, old and new, or to relax while waiting for an ayruvedic massage or consultation. In the garden, one can also find and use our public notice board to keep abreast of whats going on in the community. We also have an internet connection for our visitors to use.